December 7-8, 2024 Istanbul

Gender and sexuality unfold intersectional hierarchies of hegemony, domination, oppression and inequality that are consolidated by the state and political power, especially in societies that are socio-culturally divided and polarized. While reflecting and challenging hierarchies, subjugation and deprivation, and finding affirmative ways of dealing with difference and diversity, the contribution of feminist/queer reflections can enrich and broaden the central themes of ongoing social transformations and offer spaces for new alliances in cultural and political struggles. The social construction of difference and inequality, the recognition of marginalized experiences and subject positions, and social change at large are complex enterprises that can only be approached through a multidisciplinary and intersectional prism, and contemporary gender studies teach us precisely how to combine different approaches, methodologies and practices in order to understand such complexity and to effect change. In the face of the rise of right-wing populist movements, of anti-feminist and anti-queer backlashes, of migration, of austerity and of climate change, these concerns are taking on a new relevance.

There are unsustainable and risky contradictions in our socio-economic and environmental systems, both globally and locally. All around us we see a number of frustrating reactions: increased individualism, refuge in populism, new policies of control over bodies, borders and territories, attacks on rights and the delegitimation of social justice demands, erasure in the cultural and social field—but also the idea of self-organizing solidarity and reciprocity from below—and a far-reaching reconsideration of existential and collective priorities.

What are the responses that can be advanced in this situation from a distinctly feminist, queer and intersectional point of view? What does a feminist/queer social and political agenda look like at a time of growing inequalities, migration crisis, environmental crisis, a general backlash against sexual and reproductive rights and the anti-gender movements? What are the newfronts of struggle that feminist/queer knowledge has to face, and what methods are more appropriate to confront them in Turkey and abroad?

A wide range of research topics and methodologies can be addressed under the broad theme of contemporary gender studies. We invite contributions from any discipline and are open to a diverse array of feminist, intersectional, gender and queer approaches.

Possible topics:

●  Feminist and queer struggles, activisms, and social movements

●  Politics of affect, emotion, feeling, and mood

●  Politics and religion

●  Peace and conflict

●  Social and political polarization

●  Work and labor

●  Cities and urban places

●  Agriculture and rural spaces

●  Migration and mobilities

●  Disasters, risks and resilience

●  Ecology, climate change and environmental struggles

●  Men and masculinities

●  Health, wellbeing, healing and care

●  Quality of life and aging well

●  Art, literature, representation, and digital technologies

●  Queer spaces and cultures

●  Embodiment and the politics of the body

●  Feminist/queer epistemologies and methodologies, pedagogies

Please send an abstract (max. 250 words, in English or Turkish - depending on your choice of presentation) and a short biography to

This year we will also be accepting a limited number of workshop proposals related to the conference theme. If you would like to offer a workshop to conference participants, please send a brief description of the workshop with information regarding contents and format (max. 250 words) and a short biography to . Please note that the workshop venues can only host a limited number of participants (max. 30) and simultaneous translation might not be available during workshops.

The deadline for abstract submission is August 1, 2024.

Authors of accepted papers will be notified on October 1, 2024.

Conference will be held in Istanbul on December 7-8, 2024.


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